Wsdldisco Basic 1.2

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Released: Jan 28, 2009
Updated: Feb 4, 2009 by KazBaygan
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Source Code WsdldiscoBasic_1_2.rar
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Release Notes

Use Wsdldiso to create a single Portal for all your Web services. You and everyone in your project can get to your Web services quickly.

This release contains:
- Minor bug fixes.
- Libraries are now CLSCompliant.

All three files, MSI, zip and rar have the same content. Downloading one of them will be sufficient.
  • MSI is the easiest to install. It will create a directory under wwwroot, copy the source code into this directory and set your IIS up automatically. Windows XP and earlier only… If you are using Vista it may not work. Use the ‘zip’ or ‘rar’.
  • If you are using Vista, ‘zip’ or ‘rar’ may be your only choices. You need to set everything up manually. Follow the directions on how to…

Installation instructions:
  • MSI way – This will copy the source code in your wwwroot directory and setup IIS. May not work with Vista, MSIs have huge issues with vista, go figure…
1- Download the MSI file and install it.
2- Run ‘start->programs->wsdldisco->WsdldiscoBasic’. It will take a few minutes for browser to come up.
3- Register.
4- If you automatically end up in default.aspx, you are done. Ignore the rest.
5- If asked, copy the ‘ConfirmationNumber’ and paste it into web.config. Clear instructions will be provided.
6- Click on ‘click here’ or Goto http://localhost/WsdldiscoBasic/default.aspx.
  • ZIP Way – You need to do everything manually… Vista, if MSI does not work, use this method…
1- Download the zip/rar file.
2- Create a directory called ‘WsdldiscoBasic’ under your ‘wwwroot’ directory.
3- Unzip the file into the newly created directory.
4- Set ‘WsdldiscoBasic’ up as you would any other Website you develop.
  1. You can run Visual Studio and load the project. You can run it in debbuger using the built in ‘Casssini’. Doing so, you will end up with a URL that includes a port number such as http://localhost:4577/WsdldiscoBasic/default.aspx. This good while you are debugging, however, not so good for publishing the web site to others.
  2. And/or - You can edit IIS to create a new application for the directory. This way you can enjoy a URL look like this http://localhost/Wsdldisco/default.aspx.

Kaz Baygan

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