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Do you have many Web services you publish or use that are scattered around?
Use Wsdldisco to create a single Portal for all your Web services. You and everyone in your project can get to your Web services quickly.
Easy way to test and interrogate Web services. Supports WCF, ASMX

About the tool

Anyone who works in SOA environment eventually deals with Web services that interact with other parts of the system via SOAP protocol. Usually a SOA project will end up having more than one Web service, possibly authored by multiple programmers.
I have come across a few problems as I developed SOA applications. I decided to build this tool to address them.
1- Do you have docs for this Web service? - I had to write code to use other peoples Web services where I had no or little idea about the interface. Most of the time documentation is the last thing a programmer creates. I was expected to finish coding before they published the documentation to their interface. I needed to decipher the interface and actually witness how it worked. In short, I wanted to send some data and see what it returned. ‘Wsdldisco’ makes this very easy.
2- What is your Web service’s URL? - Imagine it is release time, and nothing is working. You have an architecture where client application’s web service call fans out into a maze of web services throughout the servers. Obvious question asked, “Whose web service is not working?”. One of the challenges in this scenario is to remember the URL’s for all participating Web services. Once you remember you hope to god that there is some way to test the Web service, i.e. user interface. As we all know ASMX supports a very rudimentary page to test very simple types. If you are passing complex types such as classes, ASMX will tell you it is not supported. In the case of WCF, there is no test page provided, period. ‘Wsdldisco’ will let you create your list of Web services any way you want it. A convenient ‘Web.sitemap’ file is included for you to edit and add your links into it. However, you are not limited to this file. Use regular HTML to create links right in your aspx page.
3- Nothing is constant, except the change itself - Once I was asked,” what is the most important quality of a software engineer?”. My response was “ability to cope with change”.
Chances are very high, almost certain, that the interface to the Web service you are making a call to will change. With that change, things will break and not work for a period of time. If you have a mechanism in place to propagate the change up the food chain, more power to you; if not ‘Wsdldiso’ will be your best friend.
Use ‘Wsdldisco’ to see what the interface looks now. Build your own pages around the form created automatically.

I developed this tool as I worked with Web services; therefore, the feature set is very organic. I added each feature in response to a need. Truly, it has become an indispensable tool for me.


I have posted the free version on this site. The following features are included in the free and paid version. The paid version includes additional source code for you to customize. Also, in the free version we paint the title bar. In the paid version you can eliminate this. For more information, please go to

Basic features – Out of the box, no Visual Studio needed…

1- Interrogate any Web service, including ASMX and WCF.
2- Supports complex types, nullables etc.
3- Type in your URL into a textbox for instant access to any Web service
4- Edit “Web.sitemap” to add your own link to any web service. Create your own custom menu.
5- Easily submit data and examine the response.
6- Pass initial values to request parameters via your links.

Advanced features – Use Microsoft Visual Studio for most of these…

1- Embed a form generated from WSDL into any web page.
2- Add your own content around the form generated from WSDL.
3- Change the look and feel by adding your skins, using Themes.
4- Full CSS support.
5- Full language support. Edit “App_GlobalResources” to add your own language.
6- Tie your pages to any documentation page including MS. Sandcastle output pages. (Soon)

For more information and to see the site in action, please go to What you get here will be same as

BUG Reports will be appreciated. Please let me know if you have an issue with this release.

Kaz Baygan

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